There was a bad reflection from the glass in this one, since it’s through a store window on a sunny day, but given that the outfit in question actually stopped me in my tracks, I had to get a picture.

red sweater with pink blouse

Srsly, are they joking? Cuz that, ladies and gents, is a tomato red, scoop neck sweater with half-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, paired with a fuchsia, horsie-printed blouse with poofy, full-length sleeves and extra long neck bow/ribbon ties.

I mean, I enjoy a little crazy in the big fashion capitals of the world, but this was in a store window in uptown Waterloo.

This “survey” showed up on the page following a form submission I did online this week. A weird enough word choice/typo. Though really, if you’re going to screw up the letters, why not throw another R in there and make things really interesting. And deterring. 🙂

banded web survey

Because clearly I do not have access to enough social media…

I am not big on online video. Unless they are very short or on something I find very compelling, I am rarely inclined to watch for long.

However, video appears to be an ever-increasing part of online interactions, and it’s kinda my job to keep my finger on the pulse of the internets. Plus video is pretty central to the business models of several of our fellow portfolio startups. So, time to learn.

Fortunately, the barrier to entry with most internets stuffs is pretty low, so I have leapt in with my first feature-length cinematic experience. I know the sound is crap. It’s an experiment.

Weekend Roundup on

Damn you, Muppets

So this must be what they mean re. “parenting is hard”. Like when your dadgum kid posts a link to an epic tale (in the real sense of epic, not the douchey current one), and you are COMPELLED to read. And read. And read. And then go drink wine. Sheesh.

Man, there’s just WAY too much familiarity in that story, though, blessedly, not all from one relationship (that poor woman), and not recently (bless). The initial part with the online stuffs, though… crikey, I hadn’t remembered how that felt in a long, long time. (Hey, there’s gotta be something big goin’ on if it’s enough to ship a girl off to Australia.)

Let that be a lesson to us all — avoid internet Americans! (Surely there can’t be that many out there…) 🙂

And all my best to Ms. McDimple, though she’s a couple years out from the end of that tale now (still…). Been there, sister. Been there.