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“People seem to need news, any kind — bad news, sensationalistic news, overwhelming news. It seems to be that news is a narrative of our time. It has almost replaced the novel, replaced discourse between people. It replaced a slower, more carefully assembled way of communicating, a more personal way of communicating.” — Don DeLillo

(Plus, Don DeLillo is just really cool.) 🙂

The definition of intimacy exceeds 140 characters.*

*140 characters is the maximum-allowed length of a Twitter message.

The general consensus on Twitter seems to be that there are two groups (aren’t there always?): those who “get” it, and those who don’t.

I’ve mentioned here having tried it, and having had difficulty in comprehending its value, though I didn’t mention when I nuked my account a couple/few days after I’d set it up. Just wasn’t for me. Since then I’ve intermittently checked in other others’ feeds, seen the app’s usage evolve (even over a few weeks), and it started to make sense to me. Still wasn’t for me, but I thought I got what it was about, what benefit it delivered to those who were into it.

Then today I happened to read this post: Ambient Intimacy, and I really enjoyed it, it really got my brain juiced up… I disagreed with almost every bit of it. The author is one of the “others” — someone who uses it and values it.

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No right.

The denizens of the internet tend to pride themselves on this milieu’s democracy, or some version thereof. No one’s the boss of me and all that. Plenty of people like to think, too, that because they can hide behind monitors and pseudonyms and the like that they’re not only boss-less, but anonymous, too.

Fortunately, things are not quite so primitive.

Which is why pathetic, cowardly, and disgusting acts like this cannot only be exposed and condemned, but dealt with appropriately: Death threats against bloggers are NOT “protected speech” (why I cancelled my ETech presentations)

There is free speech, and then there is terrorizing someone whose only “transgression” has been to be passionate, brilliant, dedicated to sharing and improving, and a woman — i.e. orders of magnitude better than any one of the sad sacks responsible for disrupting this woman’s sense of safety and equilibrium.

There are, blessedly, far more of us than there are of them. Far more of us who are responsible adults, eloquent writers, skilled geeks, and fans of Kathy’s. We are stalwartly in her corner. A situation like this would sicken me no matter who was targeted, but anyone who reads any of the blogs I post on knows how amazing I think she is, so the only difference in this case is that I take it very personally.

Literati pimpin’

Go ex-housemate Chris!

I can attest to the poetry purchasing. I’ve never known anyone who bought so many volumes. That said, I also couldn’t imagine buying that much poetry and never any fiction…

Plus, Wordsworth is just a kewl place. So go visit and say hi.

(Link courtesy of Dana, since I haven’t gotten that far through my RSS feeds yet this morning.)