This is a picture I did not take of a middle-aged woman with elaborate, bleached blonde hair, a black miniskirt and strappy, sky-high stilettos, leaning very heavily on a cane while walking slowly from the parking garage to the hospital.

Unphotographable and Photographable

This is a picture I did not take of a woman, alone, wandering through Waterloo Park at around 11pm on a Thursday night, taking pictures of the gorgeous, ethereal effects of thick fog on lights, shadows, and bare tree limbs. And of the same woman putting away her camera and hurrying back to her apartment building upon hearing the approaching voices and laughter of a group of men.

It is also not a picture of my rage at being that woman, at the discomfort, fear, and second-guessing of my own actions, and at the perceived theft of my safety by disembodied voices who probably didn’t even know I was there.

The pictures I did take.


This is a picture I did not take of a 20-something blonde, driving a black Ford Escape, turning the corner off Erb Street at fairly high speed, thus causing her 20-something blonde passenger to lean uncomfortably hard against the window, as she was using both hands to work an eyelash curler and couldn’t steady herself.


This is a picture I did not take of a local bridal shop holding a tent sale while undergoing renovations, with pristine, diaphanous, sparkling gowns hanging on portable racks, and a woman checking the fit of the sequinned bodice of a dress she’d tried on, all within a few feet of a busy, multi-lane street and construction.

BlogHer ’10

Well, we’ve been back for almost a week, and I’m still not sure what to write about the conference. Fundamentally, I would say my experience was better than last year (my thoughts here). And the tone much more positive. Additionally, this was only my second trip to New York, and while I initially suffer sensory overload there, once I acclimatize (to the place, not the heat and humidity… oy vey…) I love it and want to do everything.

This time we also had a lot more company, as there were six of us heading there from KW. Aside from Carol and I, this was the first BlogHer for all the others. It was downright funny initially listening to all their questions about parties and swag and how to find them. Really, unless you hide under your bed in your room for the entire conference, there’s no problem finding either.

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Review of Legion

When Sherry, Melissa, and I went to see Legion, we were the only ones laughing in the theatre, as far as we could tell. And believe me, the movie is ludicrous.

That said, we all loved it. Hot Angel Bettany. Religious “interpretation”. Blowing shit up. Awww yeaaaah.

It was a bit problematic the following day when my brain switched back on and started asking questions about logic and plot. Blessedly, Sherry and Melissa set me right, for that way lies madness. (I’m still annoyed the movie poster lied about Hot Angel Bettany being shirtless in the film, though, and that there was no hawt Michael/Gabriel gayngel action.)

Anyway, Sherry found this gem of a review of the film, which sums up our sentiments exactly. Enjoy. 🙂

Bag pimpin’

Sherry and I (more me) had been casually looking for a new bag for some time. A bag with nebulous yet somehow specific specifications, not too big or too small, the right size for books when we’d go on a walk to the library, and with enough pockets and room for accessories — wallet, camera, phone, lip balm, etc.

Shortly before Christmas we found said bag, on Etsy, not surprisingly, with vendor Mims of Maine. The classic convertible backpack, which is of good size, can be worn as a backpack or a handbag, and which comes in a wide assortment of thoroughly funky prints. I got this orange one. (I think she’s raised the prices, but they’re still a great deal at that price.)

We were really impressed when the bags arrived — these things are made well enough to survive a nuclear blast (especially since we got the leather reinforcement on the bottom). While made of fabric, it’s thick and layered enough to be stiffer than leather bags I own, and the zippers might even be more heavy duty than Roots leather. (Which, if you’re familiar with it, is sayin’ something.)

The backpack vs. handbag function with the straps works via two leather sliders, and I won’t really know how comfortable the bag is in either position until I’m not carrying it while wearing a winter coat.

Both of us are thrilled with our respective gifts, however, and can’t wait for some nice spring weather to try them out. (Though, ironically, but the time said weather arrives, there’s a chance I’ll be living next to the library, and thus our traditional jaunts will have to be rejigged somewhat…)

The annual Divas’ Cottage Weekend!

At long last, last weekend Sherry and I headed north to Wasaga and Kim’s family cottage for a couple days of eating, drinking, laughing, eating, drinking, trashy magazines, napping, eating, drinking, huddling around the fire, beach walks, eating, and drinking. 🙂

Alas, this year there only ended up being five of us, but we brought enough food and booze for 20 people for a week. We know what we’re doing…

And despite my immense crush on the charming and handsome Chevy Chase (the only man allowed to join our revels), I even managed to include a couple of pictures that aren’t of him.

Divas’ Cottage Weekend

Veni, vidi, BlogHer

Lordy, has it actually been over three weeks already since we got back?

Right, well, several weeks ago, Carol (our PostRank CEO) and I hopped a plane for Chicago and our first BlogHer conferences. We attended both the half-day Business track and the two-day main conference. Whew.

It was the conference’s fifth year, and it is clearly well-organized and well-established. It’s also gotten very big (around 1500 people for the main conference, mostly women, but yes, some guys, too, and an assortment of babies of both sexes).

I admit I went into the whole thing feeling distinctly anthropological, and that feeling never entirely faded. Not in a bad way, though. While I am female and have a blog, I’m not exactly of the demographic or community a lot of the attendees were. Which is fine. I was really curious and excited to get into that world, see what they knew, what they wanted to know, what they are interested in, how they work, etc.

Last time I had much exposure to mom bloggers and the like was a couple of summers ago when I was unemployed. With more time on my hands than usual, my blogroll expanded considerably, including mom bloggers, and I had a much better grasp of the community, the members, etc. then.

There is more that could be said on the subject of the conference and all its aspects than I could cover in a dozen blog posts. And honestly? I doubt anyone cares. So I’ll comment on a few things, and it’ll all be loosely connected by the fact that it was the same event and it was me experiencing it.

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This is a picture I did not take of my niece, running and squealing and poking and laughing and dancing around the driveway, chasing and popping the giant bubbles floating up from her bubble machine, exclaiming, “Bubbles!” over and over, and pretty much embodying childlike glee in a moment that has already embedded itself as one of the best memories of my life.