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Once upon a time I used to blog here a lot. But that was like nine years ago, before things like Twitter and Facebook. Yes, there was such a time, lost to the mists of online history… 🙂

These days I post when I have something to say. Of course, sometimes I have more professional/work-related things to say, so those go here. Or in my column. Or it’s relevant to our local Waterloo Region Girl Geek Dinners chapter, for which I do all the writing, too (and am co-organizer). Or The Speakeasy, a storytelling event I co-host with my friend Dave, but for which I also do most of the writing and social stuff.

You can see why a mere personal blog might suffer some neglect.

My name is Melanie, by the way. I go by Melle most of the time. The reason for that: back in high school I had a lit class with other Mels (Melanie, Melody, Melissa, etc.) Some delineation was necessary. I like symmetry. Mellem would have looked stupid. So there you have it.

Once upon a time this blog was technically anonymous. Seems such a quaint notion now. I started working for a startup in 2008, which made me pretty easy to find online just about anywhere, so I gave up on that. That’s okay, though. I like being a community manager.

The rules of engagement: my bargain with the world and anyone who reads this site is that I will write with respect. That said, I am human and sometimes forget my manners. Pretty good at self-correction, though. My opinions are mine, full stop, and you may not agree with them. That’s fine. What I think and say also does not reflect the policy or values of people I associate with or companies I work for.

And, of course, anything on this site is mine, with the exception of things belonging to other folks that I pass along because I like them. Don’t steal. Make your own.

You can email me at melledotca at gmail dot com. I am also on Facebook. I am @melle on Twitter (also @girlgeekswr and @speakeasytales).

I start too many sentences with, “So…” I own over 140 rubber ducks, and live with an 19lb ginger tom cat and an 8lb Russian Blue. I’m a dog person, by the way. Oh, and I claim the local KW murder of crows who like to hang out in the park by my place, because I am very fond of corvids.

If I really like you, I might surprise you with a sockbeast some time.

That is all.

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