The new kid

Xenia the cat

Yeah, so I’m one cat away from being a crazy cat lady. Funny thing about years of Humane Society volunteering is that you just know when there’s something about a particular animal. And as much as I would have liked to have bundled home a pair of those Bassets who were there until recently, dogs remain a non-option. Most of the time I’m ok with that.

However, I’ve considered getting Anatole a cat for some time, even though Guelph Humane Society told me when I got him that he doesn’t like cats. Like people, I tend to think animals are pretty adaptable, and I know he gets lonely sometimes. Plus, she’s pretty. πŸ™‚

I feel like I know something other people don’t, because she was stuck there for about six weeks. But there’s nothing wrong with her. I’m sure I’m anthropomorphizing here, but it’s gotta suck seeing kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies coming in and going out, and you just stay there. Even if, blessedly, the cat kennels at KWHS are much nicer than your average small metal cage.

However, she made barely a peep from the moment we walked out of the HS to getting her home. She sat quietly in the carrier watching Anatole while he skulked and hissed and growled. She starts purring the moment you come near her, and purrs louder than Anatole, who’s twice her size. She has the tiniest little voice, and talks when you come in the room. She was talking to Anatole a lot this morning, too. Catnip makes her drool, and she eats every morsel of her tuna. If Anatole wasn’t here, she’d have been perfectly at home and roaming around as soon as she came in the door.

Anatole has made sure to assert himself, and as much as it would be easy to tell him he’s being a dick, he has been an only pet for at least five years, and possibly his whole life. (I got him when he was about five.) He’s adapted remarkably quickly, really. Day one was mostly him remaining lofty (in his satellite dish) and observing, with occasional forays to sniff at the spare room door, where I had her locked in.

She was tired of being cooped up by the evening, though, so I let her out. Had to happen eventually. She mostly stayed in there but he could come sit by the doorway and hiss at her. It was very much an, “I’M THE BOSS OF THIS HOUSE!” display, and kinda funny. That night she came out and explored more, and he was even less impressed when he discovered she’d made it onto the bed and was sleeping in his spot. But at 7am on Sunday I realized the hissing was coming from beside my head on the floor, and he was standing a mere three feet away from her.

Yesterday she mostly spent in the spare room, napping. Kinda worried me that she was going to be a really nocturnal cat, but I also reminded myself that she’s had a lot of changes, and if she wants to nap like the wind, so be it. She ate reasonably well, which was good, since the HS said she tends to stop when she’s stressed.

She also took to the scratching devices I got, blessedly, since she’d taken a go at my mattress and the rug in my room the night before. Anatole greatly enjoyed the scratching wedge in the living room, too. I didn’t bother to remind him that he’s declawed.

I also had a stroke of genius — catnip. Got them both high, and she forgot he was in the room and he forgot that he hated her. Good times. She’s a serious drooler when on catnip, though. πŸ™‚

A handful of overnight hisses, and Anatole keeping watch from the papasan chair in my room, which amused me to no end. However, when I got up this morning they were standing at the doorway of my bedroom sniffing each other. Great success! Since then he’s followed her around the apartment a lot, she’s escaped to the spare room when he gets too overbearing, and they had an almost scrap — he kept pawing at her, which she didn’t like. She’s starting to stand up to him, which is good. No doubt she’ll be queen of the castle shortly.

Anyway, I’m glad she’s here, though it doesn’t entirely feel like she’s one of us yet. And I admit it’s a little hard on my soul bringing another cat home, even if it’s good that there’s one less in the shelter. One more cat feels like that much further away from a dog. However, things happen when they’re supposed to, or not, and for now Xenia’s supposed to be here.

Oh, and her shelter name was Olive. Anatole’s was Barney. Barney and Olive (50s sitcom couple) to Anatole and Xenia (Soviet spy team). Much better. πŸ™‚

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  1. I have some friends whose catses were Boris and Natasha initially. Boris turned out to be a Katsu and not a Boris in the end, though.

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