Dearly beloved…

If someone asked you if you wanted to go to a concert put on by a guy in his mid-50s, I don’t think you’d quite be expecting what we experienced on Saturday. Glitter, spandex, strutting, gospel, wailing guitars, high heels, and, naturally, many references to purple.

Welcome 2 Canada, indeed, Prince.

stage, Prince concertAndrew, Shawna, Melissa, myself, and Sherry (whose bucket list this concert was on) went to the second Toronto show this weekend, and it did not disappoint. It was a good sign when he started things up with Purple Rain. And proceeded to rock through a bunch of hits, a few covers (songs he wrote and others), and a few songs I wasn’t familiar with. (Setlist)

Whatever the audience make-up, when he commanded us to sing, we knew the words. There was even a gospel-tastic cover of Sarah McLachlan’s Angel during an intermission, courtesy of the backup singers.

The music itself starred in the show, too. Prince called out the band on a regular basis, as well as the superiority of real, live musicians and singers. As well as his own copious collection of hits. As he hollered out during the encore, “Call the babysitter — I got too many hits!”

And, blessedly, the encore ended with a fine rendition of Kiss, Sherry’s favouritest Prince song. It just wouldn’t have been a complete evening without it. We sang, we danced, we got the funk out. Exactly as His Purpleness intended. 🙂

And for your funktification, the defiance of the “no photos or video recording rule:

November 25th show videos
November 26th show videos

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