I learned of this poem-in-video at the Blissdom Canada conference the other week, and, in fact, Tanya Davis, the artist, performed for us before the morning keynote. (She’s excellent, and has a new album out.)

I’ve done a lot of work on being publicly alone, and it rarely bothers me anymore. Being privately alone is something that’s gonna take some more work, though. But I do agree that you’re a sub-optimal partner for someone else if you’re not comfortable being a partner just to yourself.

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  1. Wow. That is a magnificent achievement of beauty, grace and opportunity. I am that person who has relished the thousands of meals and nights and walks in the woods alone. In truth, I have had some of my most happy, connected, and content experiences when alone…doing many of things you discussed in that beautiful poem. Here's to the Beauty and Opportunity of being alone! 🙂

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