The other day I saw a tweet about this recipe. The person noted that he’d been skeptical, but that it turned out to be surprisingly delicious.

I’m no raw foodist or vegan, but I was intrigued. Mostly because I don’t tend to be a huge avocado fan — I have mouth feel issues because of the fat content. And hey, I’ve made some pretty delicious brownies with beans as their base ingredient, so why not? Serendipitously, avocados were on sale, too, when I dropped by the grocery store, and already perfectly ripe and ready to go.

I used light agave syrup, instead of dates, since I prefer that “style” of sweetness, though I would definitely say to err on the side of less sweet. It brings out the chocolate flavour better, and too much sweetness combined with the extreme richness would be painfully cloying.

Both Andrew and I quite liked the “pudding”, though agreed it’s way too rich to eat a lot. (And it is really high in fat, but it’s “good” fat, and plenty of fibre and Vitamin C, too.) I had some with raspberries from the Market today, which was pretty much dessert heaven. Might try it some time with Stevia or Splenda and see if a diabetic-friendly version for Dad is as good.

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