Mt. Hope Cemetery, Waterloo

I’ve lived within a short distance of Mt. Hope Cemetery for pretty much a decade, but had never actually been there, despite finding cemeteries really interesting. (None of my family are buried there, but rather at various Mennonite cemeteries around the area.)

Last Saturday I took myself for a bit of a walkabout and went exploring. It’s a nice size to wander semi-aimlessly. The sunshine, breeze, and shady trees were lovely, and the light was great for taking pictures.

As always with cemeteries, there was no end of history, stories, and curiosities. And plenty of German surnames, many immediately recognizable to anyone who lives around here. 🙂 (Interesting grave finding function and some historical stuffs.)

Apparently it was set up between 1865-1867 on eight acres — seven main acres and one for a potter’s field (not sure which part that was).

Slideshow of Mt. Hope Cemetery Photos

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