Burrito Boyz

I had heard about the fabtastic Burrito Boyz in Toronto for years (warning: website is a Flash horror). So when Sean, our co-op at work, mentioned one had opened in Waterloo, I was intrigued. (And we got burritos for team lunch last week.)

I’ve since been there twice, and may have a problem. Shrimp burrito: You Complete Me. (The chicken is good, too, and I’ve been told good things about the steak, haddock, and halibut as well.) Get the small unless you are eat-the-asshole-out-of-a-dead-bear hungry. You have been warned. 🙂

It’s located on King St. N. in Waterloo, just north of the intersection with University Ave. E., in the plaza that also contains Bhima’s, King Tin, and the Fire It Up head shop. (In the street view picture below, Burrito Boyz is now located where the pharmacy used to be.)

They accept cash or credit cards only (don’t know if they plan to accept debit later on or not), though there is a cash machine on-site. For seating, there are a couple of bar style tables and a bar along the front wall, but mostly it’s takeout. Parking is a pain in the ass, but do-able.

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