Catching up

Sooo… hi! Been a while. Good reasons, though.

Sherry and I went to Scotland. Working on my usual trip write-up now, but in the mean time, the photos are here: Scotland, May 2010.

After we got back, I did some laundry and got re-acclimatized on Sunday, then hit the sack early in order to be at St. Mary’s Hospital at 6am on Monday (bless Sherry for being my driver) for my semi-long awaited laparoscopic cholecystectomy, or gallbladder removal for the non-medically inclined.

Both the date and time of the surgery changed at least once, and in somewhat bad timing, the last time change occurred while we were away, and I didn’t get the message until Saturday evening when we returned from Scotland. Whew. Ahh well, it all worked out. And after a week of recuperation, napping, and part-time working from home, I’m nearly back to good as new, with only four small scars for my trouble, and a weird pain when I yawn, which will hopefully go away soon, too.

And now life returns to normal, with my birthday coming up and intermittently lovely summer weather.

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