Werewolves on ice!

Sherry and I went to see Chris Moore this evening, and holy crap, was that ever fun. The man is hysterical. (Jan and Rob joined us as well.)

I has a happy, cuz Waterloo’s only one of four stops he’s making in Canadia on the tour for Bite Me, and it looks like we were the last stop.

I personally found the Q&A a tad vexing, because of the audience, though, not the author. Upwards of half the questions asked were stuff from his website’s FAQ. OH HAI fans. Granted, I’m sure he’s been asked the same questions a gazillion times.

Whether inquiring about the “guy in a boat with a funny hat and a bunch of monkeys” on our $20 bill, or telling a multi-part story about Neuticles, it was all gloriously irreverent and entertaining. And blasphemous, of course, cuz… look who the star of the show is.

Which brings me to the venue, which was, in its own way, perfect. A United church, with an enormous stained glass window of long, tall zombie (green!) Jesus and his effeminate yet menacing sword-wielding companions. And the posterboard for Bite Me standing on the communion table. Splendid. 🙂

Zombie Jesus and Chris Moore

If you believe in transubstantiation, this is fitting...

The crack about the altar cloth being there to tie yourself down to prevent you from getting raptured mid-sentence was gold. Of course, while he feigned religious ignorance, given that he wrote Lamb, I’m pretty sure he could have out-scriptured us all any day of the week.

And really, it’s not like any of us could argue when he compared werewolves on a full moon to Canadians on ice playing hockey… (And I told him if he didn’t write that book, I would.)

A gloating photo

If you get a chance to see him do a reading (though he didn’t actually read from the book, which we’d all read already, anyway), definitely go.

(No idea why I didn’t bring my real camera, since I typically take it everywhere, but the iPhone photos will suffice.)

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