I am moved.

After mostly retaining my sanity after “one more load” (which, of course, refused to ever be the last load), finally, one Saturday, it was. That pitiful, awkward, completely unrelated items that don’t actually really fit into tote bins load. (Thank you to Andrew and my brother for their muscles, de- and re-construction skills, and relatively large vehicles for the big stuffs.)

Then I cleaned. Then Sherry came over and we cleaned. Then I finished off the cleaning. (Seriously, I’m not a filthy person. How were there ~15 woman-hours of cleaning to do in that place?) For my own mental state/closure I needed the place to be as clean and in as close to the same state as when I moved in as possible. (And bless Sherry for being the right kind of people and just saying, “Ok, what’s next?”, then doing that, regardless.)

I fixed what I could, and was ok with what I couldn’t. And after a week when I stopped in, there were only fliers in the mailbox, which felt good, since it meant I covered my address change phone calls and such pretty thoroughly.

I held onto the keys for one more week, just in case I forgot something, but I didn’t. Then I stopped by a final time and left them in an envelope on the kitchen counter. And with that, ended a chapter. Movin’ on up and all that.

New place has felt good since I moved in, which is a relief. Anatole has sorted out some cat spaces, which is a relief (though the fact that one of them is the tub continues to confuse and amuse). The place is warm enough that I’m almost always in bare feet, the sounds when the windows are open are pleasant, and the park has turned out to be a vast treasure chest of stories of which I am LOVING being an observer.

Honestly, how can you not come home late and see two people sitting close together, heads down, on a bench beside the lake, or entwined in the gazebo in the Victorian Gardens, and smile and be inspired with potential tales?

The super, Gary, continues to be awesome (what a relief!), and the neighbours are heterogeneous (yes, such a $5 word IS appropriate) and quirky. I continue to slowly gather intel on PI and its people… 🙂

Not going on a massive shopping spree to complete my decor is hard (not buying much until after the Scotland trip), and I’m still curious as to how an apartment of similar size to my old one seems to have so much more floor space. And no, I’m not done unpacking yet. Getting a little closer each day, though. And I have a new drill. Pray for me. 🙂

Let’s see… what else is going on? I really enjoyed listening to this:

And this:

Which also catalyzed me to read this: The Wisdom of Whores.

Reading this: Bite Me, too, as Sherry, Jan, and I will be seeing Mr. Moore for a reading next week.

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  1. You are going to SEE Chris Moore? AAAAAAaaaaa! (Scream of excitement and jealousy.) Don't s'pose I can get you to tackle him, lick him, and clip some of his hair to send to me. No? A bit much? The love, it does things to you.

    Glad you are moved in and feel comfy in the new place. I absolutely LOVE that you have a park view to provide you with oodles of tales. I once lived in a VERY shady neighborhood that had a view of the pay phone the hookers used, loads of drug deals, and occasional weaponry. Those stories were the exact opposite of uplifting and my entire life sort of took on that aspect. I hope YOUR life takes on the inspiration, intrigue, and romance your view brings to you.

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