Imperative and Declarative

I marvel at the iron-clad certainty of the young. They toss around words like “never” and assertions of what they would do in any hypothetical situation as easily as a hacky sack.

I think part of why I find their sureness so fascinating is because I’m not that much older than they are, and while I don’t really recall now, I’m sure I must have had similar notions 10, 15 years ago. But I see how much my own perspectives have changed to this point.

Sure, some young people have comments and ideas that are very easy for me to dismiss as stupid or shallow. But others are bright and thoughtful and still possess this certainty.

What must people think who are a half-century or more older? Do 20-somethings seem utterly ridiculous, or are our thought patterns circular, and with age we swing back around and again shore up our convictions, becoming utterly certain, once more, of various things in life?

Which begs the question, at what point in life do we get at least close to the ideal balance as possible of wisdom and strength of conviction? And is that time our most productive and does it produce our best decisions?

I’ll check back in another 50 years and let you know…

2 Replies to “Imperative and Declarative”

  1. Does sprinkling 'like's count for anything?:

    “When I'm like a parent, I'm gonna like give my kids like all the money and all the freedom they could ever want” is not to be confused with when the speaker is *actually* a parent, or is going to *actually* give *actual* money or *actual* freedom.

    BTW Do you mean 'declarative'? 'imperative' is when they're commanding you to do something.

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