Bag pimpin’

Sherry and I (more me) had been casually looking for a new bag for some time. A bag with nebulous yet somehow specific specifications, not too big or too small, the right size for books when we’d go on a walk to the library, and with enough pockets and room for accessories — wallet, camera, phone, lip balm, etc.

Shortly before Christmas we found said bag, on Etsy, not surprisingly, with vendor Mims of Maine. The classic convertible backpack, which is of good size, can be worn as a backpack or a handbag, and which comes in a wide assortment of thoroughly funky prints. I got this orange one. (I think she’s raised the prices, but they’re still a great deal at that price.)

We were really impressed when the bags arrived — these things are made well enough to survive a nuclear blast (especially since we got the leather reinforcement on the bottom). While made of fabric, it’s thick and layered enough to be stiffer than leather bags I own, and the zippers might even be more heavy duty than Roots leather. (Which, if you’re familiar with it, is sayin’ something.)

The backpack vs. handbag function with the straps works via two leather sliders, and I won’t really know how comfortable the bag is in either position until I’m not carrying it while wearing a winter coat.

Both of us are thrilled with our respective gifts, however, and can’t wait for some nice spring weather to try them out. (Though, ironically, but the time said weather arrives, there’s a chance I’ll be living next to the library, and thus our traditional jaunts will have to be rejigged somewhat…)

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