Working with geeks

A couple of weeks ago, VeloCity (the residence/program for entrepreneurially-minded, media and mobile-lovin’ students at University of Waterloo), capped off a startup week with the VeloCity 101 mini-conference.

The students had started over a week before, brainstorming ideas, forming groups, and getting going on Startup Weekend-like projects of basically building a company and product from scratch (although in a slightly longer time frame).

The following weekend they gathered for presentations from local folks in the tech industry, and to do their pitches for the projects they’d been working on. Jesse Rodgers, their intrepid co-director, was kind enough to invite Carol (our CEO at PostRank) and myself to speak. Basically, I was the only non-CEO on the docket that day.

Jesse suggested a few potential topic areas, including an overview of community management, and “working with geeks”. The second one amused me, and Lord knows I have plenty of experience, so I wrote up a bunch of notes, gathered up the remains of my cold-addled intellect, memory, and voice, and headed over to the university on the morning of Saturday, the 16th. (I am fairly certain this will be the only time in my life that I lecture in one of University of Waterloo’s Engineering lecture halls.) 🙂

Aaaaanyway, lack of of a slide deck and a brief fear that Daniel Debow, the day’s first speaker, was stealing my thoughts aside, I think things went well. There were some laughs, a few students stopped to chat afterward (since when do students have business cards?) and my voice remained functional until the following morning, when my four-day adventure in laryngitis began.

I’ve finally finished cleaning up the notes for the presentation, which can be found at my new professional site: VeloCity 101: Working with Geeks. (It’s a bit hefty, so you might want to go get a coffee first.)

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