At work, thanks to all the windows and being on the fifth floor, we have a fairly panoramic view of the area. And every afternoon, usually soon after 3pm, though sometimes as late as 5pm, a murder of crows comes to roost in the trees around the building. Sometimes there is just a few, other times it looks more like 100 (can’t say that doesn’t make us a bit nervous…).

They stick around for a few minutes, then just fly off en masse. When they’re there around sunset, the effect is quite striking.

Our office neighbours

Our office neighbours

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  1. That is very cool. The Nature of Things had a show devoted to crows this past week. While David Suzuki usually puts me to sleep, I enjoyed this episode and stayed awake. Not sure if you can catch it on CBC online but it's worth the hunt. Very smart and social birds; in many ways they parallel human qualities.

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