The inaugural Ignite Waterloo took place on November 25th in downtown Kitchener, at the Children’s Museum.

I’d never been to an Ignite event, but greatly enjoyed this one (especially since I somehow managed to not pay for a single drink all evening — thanks, gentlemen!) 😉

It was a lot of fun, there was a lot to learn, and the presentations covered a most splendid variety of topics. And there were cupcakes. (To be decorated to potentially win a netbook, or just to eat.)

The presentation videos are up now, and range from technical: high altitude medicine, to the environmental: flood forecasting and climate change, to the interpersonal: hacking the ‘hood. We even had a bit of a poetry slam (certainly a crowd favourite).

The next Ignite will take place on March 3rd, same place, so mark your calendars, or, if you’re interested in speaking, let them know! (I am not planning to present… yet.)

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