The Woz plus 15 seconds of fame

On Monday morning, Communitech hosted a TechWorking breakfast where the special guest speaker was Steve Wozniak. Unsurprisingly, this generated more interest than most such events, and the forecasted intimate gathering turned into a cozy get-together for 700 people, one of Communitech’s largest events ever.

Having read iWoz, the content and cadence of his presentation was about what I expected. A little disjointed, a little irreverent, some great stories, and good fun.

Following Steve was David Flynn, the CTO of Fusion-io, where they both now work. It was certainly above the heads of all but the techies in the room, but they seemed pretty interested in the technology. From my level: it has to do with storage, and it’s very fast.

Plenty of coverage of the event, which, I admit, I’m blogging about in part because I got to be part of it.

  • Audio of the presentation.
  • Communitech’s blog post. (I was amused to see one of my tweets got quoted there. Also, at the bottom there is a link to a number of other places the visit was covered.)
  • Some photos.
  • The ladies of Sprouter got a brief interview with the Woz in the afternoon, and were kind enough to let me tag along and meet him. I earned my keep by taking photos. (It was fun seeing The Globe interviewer and photographer’s setup, and then see us come in with a Canon P&S camera and a Flip HD video camera, but the Woz was fairly engaged by the Flip, as we established he has the same one.) 🙂

We got to chat with the gent a bit before and after (as well as see him striking some dance poses for the Globe photographers), and he was delightfully friendly and articulate. The Sprouter ladies got a picture with him once we were all finished, as did I.

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