As you know (possibly), this past spring I attended SXSW and was fortunate enough to be included on a panel about aggregation of content online.

This year I’ve proposed one of my own: Evolving Customer Service Online: We’re All In This Together. My potential co-panelists are Amy Muller from Get Satisfaction, Denise Tanton from BlogHer, and Alex Dao from (There’s also the possibility of adding one more panelist and me moving over to just do moderating duties — anything’s possible!)

These folks have oodles of experience and tales from the trenches, and I think our panel could be really valuable to a lot of people, especially me — so help us get to SXSW!

All you gotta go is vote for our panel. Getcherself an account, login, go here, and click that sexy thumbs up button. You know you wanna… and I’d be much obliged, of course. (And I promise it won’t be anywhere near the hardest thing you do today.)

Thanks, and fingers crossed! 🙂

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