More fun with Canadian companies…

Right, so shortly after I dealt with the last round of Rogers bullshit incessant phone-calling, it started again. Seems to be taken care of now, so, hopefully to assist others…

The Rogers-representing company that called was from the number: 1-866-616-6010. Typically it’s an auto-dialer, but usually no one answers if you do. Beyond that, if you call back, you get dumped into an automated system with no way to connect to a real person or even a mailbox that’s not full and accepting messages. Fancy that. (Once I waited and a girl started saying hello, but then when I responded it disconnected.) Lovely. I was getting the calls several times a day.

The company’s apparently Teleperformance Canada, more info here.

What seems to have finally worked was going to the Rogers Marketing Permission Opt-out page. You can opt out of cable and cell phone contact there.

As I recall, after you submit your information, you get some bullshit message about it taking a couple of weeks to kick in, but it did eventually. Which leads me to believe they have no idea how databases work, or it’s dumping all the info into a text file or spreadsheet somewhere, and some monkey is having to manually complete this stuff…

Aaaaanyway, then today Scotiabank got in on the action. That number that called was: 1-888-882-3811. Again, clearly automated and no one answered when I did. Immediately after hanging up I looked it up. More info here.

I called the number back to try getting myself removed. The automated system thanked me for calling Scotiabank, and the rep who answered identified himself as a Scotiabank rep. Except when I asked him if he had the ability to remove me from telemarketing lists, he claimed Scotiabank doesn’t telemarket. RIGHT. He also seemed a bit displeased that I wasn’t very friendly. Gee, how rough…

Anyway, he took my info and said he’d communicate not to call me. I’ve no confidence in that since — hey — they don’t telemarket. Also, I’m not a Scotiabank customer, and typically this shit is done by two-bit back room companies with a bunch of kids and phone books. Where, exactly, does he plan to record this information?

Anyway, he also asked if I had a Scene card, and I do (though I didn’t get it recently). He said I was probably being contacted by them for some great offers. Uh huh. He recommended I go to the Scene website, login, and unsubscribe from any comms I didn’t want. I told him I’d never signed up for communications from Scene or anyone.

So I hung up and logged in to the site. Sure enough I’m signed up for EVERYTHING. Newsletters, telemarketing, partner “offers”, you name it. So I unsubscribed from everything… and I guess we’ll see.

Now, if only I could get the Blue Jays and to bugger off with the endless emails and newsletters I never signed up for…


This is a picture I did not take of row upon row of women of a certain age, all with similar looks on their faces, eyes a million miles and a few decades away from the here and now, as the strains of a slow and romantic Artie Shaw number drifted through the Saturday afternoon air at Jazz Fest.

(What I wouldn’t give to know the stories of what they were remembering.) 🙂


This is a picture I did not take of a thirty-something suburban dad, trying to maneuver a stroller through the Saturday morning throngs at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, an English cucumber clutched in one hand as if brandishing it like a cudgel against the chaotic tide of hungry humanity.

Assorted photos

Sherry and I walked over to City Cafe for lunch last Saturday, then took a stroll around Victoria Park. There were a few photo-worthy moments.

Goths in hot weather! Couldn’t get the camera out and handed to Sherry fast enough to get a prime shot of them, but still – amusing!

goths in hot weather

Along with the usual cadre of ducks and such, this heron was in the lake, and surprisingly chill about being close to shore and near passing people.

heron at Victoria Park

There’s a railway bridge over the Iron Horse Trail once you get into Kitchener (down towards Gage, as I recall). Every season the graffiti is painted over, and every season something new appears. I quite like these demons/monsters, mostly because of the colours and their belly buttons. 🙂

railway bridge graffiti


This is a picture I did not take of my niece, running and squealing and poking and laughing and dancing around the driveway, chasing and popping the giant bubbles floating up from her bubble machine, exclaiming, “Bubbles!” over and over, and pretty much embodying childlike glee in a moment that has already embedded itself as one of the best memories of my life.

A newfound gem and The Scottish Play in Africa

As I noted in my last post, we were fortunate enough, thanks to Andrew’s charming sis, to get a fabulously good deal on additional Stratford tickets, and so off we went to Ye Olde Shakespeare Towne once again for an evening of dining and thea-TAH.

Thanks to Chowhound reviews, this time we selected Bijou for dinner, and it was, absolutely, a gem.

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Coffee and Colm: Melissa and Melle do Stratford!

Last Friday, Melissa and I played hooky a bit (day off for me, half-day off for her) and headed west to Stratford. My last jaunt there was two years ago to see The Merchant of Venice, which, alas, underwhelmed.

This time, however, our theatrical experience couldn’t help but be splendid. After all, we were going to see Colm Feore. 🙂 He’s doing the title roles of both Macbeth and Cyrano de Bergerac this year — we went to Cyrano.

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