Father’s Day wheelin’ — and a contest!

Recently I was contacted to participate in a promotion for Canadian Tire, the idea being to make Father’s Day gift buying easier by taking one of the items from their Father’s Day Make Life Easier for Dad gift guide for a test drive (or dig, or saw…) Either these folks already knew what Canadian Tire junkies my Dad and Andrew are, or picking me was a really, really smart guess. 🙂

As luck would have it, Andrew had yard work to be done, and his wheelbarrow has been on its last legs (tire?) for some time, so the unanimous choice was the Yardworks Auto Levelling Wheelbarrow. (SKU: 060-4520).

I was particularly intrigued with the Auto Levelling part, given that a) my balance sucks, and b) I moved around many, many loads of wood from the drying piles in the driveway to the wood chute in our garage in my youth, and never got to be any good at maneuvering.

The wheelbarrow was sent via Purolator, and arrived in three pieces: the bucket (where the stuff goes), the wooden handles, and a box with the wheels, brackets, and other parts. The bucket is sizable (considerably deeper than Andrew’s old wheelbarrow) but all the stuff still fit easily into the back seat of my Sentra. (The bucket had a fair-sized ding in one of the front corners when it arrived, but Andrew just hammered it out, and it didn’t interfere with assembly.)

Yardworks Auto Levelling Wheelbarrow

Andrew did most of the assembly by himself, which is a good thing, since he’s one of those types who actually reads all the directions and whatnot. I did have to give him a hand with attaching the bucket to the handles and the two other levelling wood parts, but he managed the rest with aplomb. Full assembly took about an hour.

The wheelbarrow was promptly put to work that afternoon. Andrew mixed up a load of dirt and compost for his herb garden, which involved a couple of crossings of the yard with a full bucket, as well as off-roading a bit over a pile of clay near the composter (it came from his basement when he installed weeping tile — he’s so handy!) 🙂

Yardworks Auto Levelling Wheelbarrow

Andrew has also since used the wheelbarrow to take his full laundry basket out to the wash line, mostly just because he can. (That also required off-roading off the edge of the deck, down the stairs, and over the clay pile. Boys and their toys…)

One of his favourite features is the bumper on the front. In my case I’d need the bumper to prevent me from crashing into things (my depth perception rocks). In Andrew’s case, it makes it very stable for tilting forward and a nice solid surface to rest on when you dump the bucket.

Yardworks Auto Levelling Wheelbarrow

In terms of maneuverability, Andrew thinks it’s much better than his old wheelbarrow (which has just one — flat — tire and isn’t self-levelling). I’m inclined to agree. The bucket is also very deep, and while Andrew said more width would be nice, he suspects it would screw up the balance and maneuverability.

The tires are pneumatic, so don’t go driving it over a bunch of nails or anything, but they are quite large and well-treaded, and their size helps put the wheelbarrow at a good height.

All in all, four thumbs up (two from Andrew and two from me). No thumbs up from Gordie, though (that’s Andrew’s dog) both because he doesn’t have any and because he didn’t appreciate us trying to put him in it (the ultimate test of Auto Levelling — something that moves around!)

And now the even better part — the contest!

Part of the promotion included enabling me to give away the same product I chose to one of my readers. (Well, not exactly the same one — you get your own.) So the winner will get their own Yardworks Auto Levelling Wheelbarrow. Just in time for Father’s Day! Though I can’t make you give it up to dear old dad…

For shipping purposes, the contest is only open to folks living in Canada or the US of A. (That’s right, we Canadians share.) And it may not be terribly useful to apartment dwellers, but hey, if you want to enter, I don’t judge you. 🙂

Here’s how to enter… Leave a comment that answers the question after the scenario below. The response that most makes me laugh, think, or become really, really afraid of you (or, ideally, all of the above) wins! Points are given for originality, and if more than one person gives the same answer, and I really like the answer, whoever leaves it first will win. Feel free to pass this along to friends/family/random people with dads, etc. The more the merrier!

I’ll choose a winner on Friday, June 19th.

The Scenario: It’s midnight on a dark and stormy Friday night. My phone rings. As I blearily answer it, I realize it’s you, and you sound a little agitated. You tell me you need my help and ask me to come over right away with the wheelbarrow.

What are we going to be doing when I get there?

17 Replies to “Father’s Day wheelin’ — and a contest!”

  1. Right now, chances are it would be my neighbors calling because I won't stop belting…ahem, singing the wicked soundtrack and they want to bury me alive. However, if I survive, then it would most likely be because I'm making a HUGE cake and need a wheelbarrow to transport the batter to the huge pans (and then, a wheelbarrow to bring it to the car to take it to share with you? 🙂

  2. The molasses spilled all over the puppets which are now stuck to the garden gnomes, and I have to get them to the slip & slide at the park in 15 minutes. Wear leather.

  3. “Thanks for coming, Melle, I knew I could count on you. It's the sock monkeys. I should have known that wee little shelf at the top of the closet couldn't hold them. Maybe if I quit making them after one or two. But you know how addicting those woolen bastards can be, Melle. I think it was number 982 that finally did it, though I heard creaking and cracking way back at number 434. Anyway, I've found a home for them. A nice hobby farm out in the country. They monkeys will have plenty of room to roam there. Or, you know, lay about casually in the fields. But I need to get them there. And a job like that demands more than just your pappy's wheelbarrow.”

  4. I tractor trailer full of corduroy hot pants overturned down the the street and I need the wheelbarrow to help get them all into my garage. For your help your help with this matter you will get a lifetime supply of yellow corduroy hot pants and my eternal gratitude.

  5. You're going to need to bring another shovel, a tarp, and some good, strong packing tape with you.

    They've found out.

    We thought our secret was safe, but they've figured it out. We've got to get rid of it or we're screwed. I've already started digging the accursed thing up, but we put it pretty deep, and I can't move all this dirt alone. The Wheelbarrow will be a good way to move the dirt out of the way quickly.

    I've already got the truck ready, so when we're finished we can find a new place to dump it.

    Get over here as soon as you can, and be prepared to dig, lift, wrap and seal this thing up.

    Time is running short.

  6. Well, the obvious answer would be that I need you to help me hide the bodies but without a tarp and a chainsaw the wheelbarrow will be useless. So…that can't be it.

    Midnight. Dark and stormy. I call you and simply say,

    “So much depends
    a red wheel
    glazed with rain
    beside the white

    You, of course, know EXACTLY what I am talking about and you totally remember to also bring the thumb screws. Because you are THAT sort of friend. (And I love you for it.)

  7. Late-night mud sliding party! We're going to head over to Mount Trashmore with a 'barrow filled with ice and drinks and slide down the hill repeatedly and drunkenly.

  8. Sherry and I, sitting the the bucket, at the top of a hill, with Andrew waiting for you at the curb. Sherry and I wave you over to join us, and, as soon as you hop in, Andrew gives us a mighty shove, jumping in himself, and we shoot down the hill, laughing like jackasses.

  9. My neighbour is on assignment in Europe and he was not supposed to be back for two more weeks. I have key to his property and I was supposed to just water the plants and bring in the mail. The thing is, he has this awesome back yard with a hot tub. I may have mentioned it to a few people, and, well, one thing led to another. We were having such a great time.
    At 11pm I grabbed my phone to call you and ask why you weren’t here. That’s when I saw it, a text message from him saying the assignment was cut short due to some sort of political uprising, his flight lands in an hour.
    I freaked out. My neighbour has a really bad temper, honestly, he scares me. Most people helped me clean up, and then high tailed it out of here just as the storm rolled in. But now I have one little problem. It’s Violet. She’s passed out, drunk and half naked in the hot tub. She comes to every now and then, but refuses to get out, mumbling something about how she loves everyone and “more purple Jesus!”.
    I was thinking that wheelbarrow of yours would be perfect. With your help, and I think we can plop Violet into the wheelbarrow and get her out of there quick. The self balancing will help because she may thrash about a bit when she realizes we are moving her. We can roll her over to my back deck then dump her onto one of my lounge chairs so she can sleep it off.
    So how about it friend? Can you help me out?

  10. Y'know, as the Violet in question, I think I should get the wheelbarrow myself so I can trick it out a bit before Sylvain starts hauling me around. Perhaps some padding in the bottom?

  11. It's January, and everything is covered with snow. It's a full moon, so you don't need a flashlight at midnight. There is a hill, out behind my parents' house that is the perfect sledding hill. The thing is, we need to make a jump, and we can't use the four wheeler with the plow attachment, because that would be too loud.

    The wheelbarrow will be perfect for hauling snow to the middle of the hill to build the biggest snow jump ever.

    Then after building the biggest snow jump ever, we have a lovely bonfire. We again need the wheelbarrow to haul wood out to where the fire will be.

    Ok, truthfully? We have a huge landscaping project that requires much digging and a wheelbarrow would tremendously help get our yard into shape. (And, I could give Bug wheelbarrow rides for fun). 🙂

  12. Stealthily sneaking my new collection of purses from the car trunk into the house before Lorne wakes up on the couch.

  13. Stealthily sneaking my new collection of purses from the car trunk into the house before Lorne wakes up on the couch.

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