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Starting a couple/few weeks ago, I started getting phone calls from 1-800-395-8813. I answered the first time, and, receiving no response, I hung up. Subsequent calls (which happened daily), I ignored after glancing at the caller number, because I dislike phones and disliking engaging with them (which is why I didn’t do anything about it right away).

The calls continued every day, though, which started to piss me off really quickly. So I tried to find out if there was a way to block numbers from my phone. No dice. So I called Rogers, which is my carrier, and talked to one of their CSRs about how to block numbers. Unsurprisingly, the only way to do that that they offer is called Call Manager, and it’s $5/month. No thanks.

So I looked the number up online, and saw it was apparently some telemarketing presence, and other people had reported the calls, too. So I did a bit more digging to find out if anyone had figured out how to block them. Turns out it’s a call centre company called Gemma Communications, and there were a couple ways listed for making them go away.

You could call 416-256-1800, which is their office number, and talk to some woman, who, apparently, tends to be bitchy and/or evasive, but will arrange to have you removed from the call list. Or you can call the 800-number back and go through their automated system to remove your number (mostly involves pressing 1 a bunch of times).

Again, since I dislike using the phone, I sure as hell wasn’t going to waste time with someone bitchy, so I called the number back, and found out that Gemma Communications is authorized by… Rogers. Oh yes, Rogers would kindly have signed me up to pay them $5/month to keep them from spamming me. Grr.

I completed the call list removal, and haven’t heard from them since. Needless to say, however, I’m still bitter. I hate Rogers and hate dealing with them for MANY reasons already, but this has just catalyzed me to take steps to give them even less of my business. I’d love to think that their shitty product offerings, worse customer service, and incessant nickel and diming would be enough to torpedo the company, but I do know how Canadia loves its old school monopolies…

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  1. It looks like several posts went missing. I came here a day or two ago to catch up on the contest goings-on and thought I had to flip back through three or four posts to get to it.

  2. You're right, now that I look, the Grand River Brewing, Seeking Simone, and Unphotographable ones are missing as well. To the Google Reader mobile!

    Thanks for the heads up. Kinda disappointed my conspiracy theory is shot, though. 🙂

  3. Thank you…thank you…and thank you again for your note and it saved me from wanting to throw my phone out the window! I too have started getting these calls and chose to ignore them except they just keep happening a few times a day…very annoying! I called the 1-800-395-8813 (Gemma = Rogers) and removed my number and like you mentioned just kept pressing 1 about 10 x and hopefully my number is removed.

  4. Rogers is a fraudulent company. They trump and inflate bills illegally and do not tell you or send you the bill more often than not. When you don't pay which is what they want you to do… they send it to collections and get an insurance claim to cover the full amount of their fake loses.
    They have been sending bills to people that have never been customers of Rogers and ruin their credit ratings.

    Some people can not get mortgages because of bad credit ratings based of Roger's fraud.

    i imagine this post will disappear soon enough…

    The company should have been shut down but Canadian government doesn't care about us. As long as you pay taxes they will keep ignoring you.

  5. It’s all true, worst company around in terms of how they treat customers. I had lousy internet service with Rogers (slower than promissed with frequent service interruptions) for which they overbilled me. Then I went with Bell Sympatico and everything worked great and I was billed properly.

    Most recently Rogers insists on sending me spam texts which I have to opt out of. That works for a couple of months, then they start to spam me all over again. Rogers – what a bunch of first rate assholes.

  6. we have been getting these annoying calls as well from 866-427-9161 which is Gemma communications, operating call centres in Montreal, Toronto and who knows where else. Computerized calling where the phone rings & nobody’s there. So I called & pressed 1 & hopefully that’s the end of it.. BUT I’m not going to let this go, (out of principle) and because their website rants about how great they are. I propose that we as a community track down all the companies they perform this lousy service for & contact each & every one of them, letting them know about Gemma’s POOR & unethical business practices, which ultimately affect the companies they represent. They don’t list their clients on their website, but with a little digging we all can stop the madness!

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