I don’t recall it even occurring to me when Cadence was born, though we were all breaking new ground there (and high as kites on endorphins…), but a few minutes ago I was perusing one of my sister-in-law’s albums on Facebook.

And I realized that within 24 hours of being born, Cassidy, niece #2, had been digitally photographed by camera, video camera, and cell phone. Emailed by smartphone, blogged about, uploaded to Facebook, tweeted, and had participated in her first Skype video chat (with her other grandma in BC).

Hell, had they wanted to (and thankfully they didn’t), her birth could have been streamed live online. I know people who did do that.

When I arrived at their apartment to stay with Cadence while they went to the hospital, I asked if they’d remembered everything they needed to take, and jokingly added, “Did you remember to update your Facebook status?” Both of them said yep. Heh. Within hours, dozens of people in all of our networks not only knew Cassidy had been born, but had seen pictures of her. It would have taken months to eventually see all those people and let them know.

On Thursday morning, Mom asked me where Chad and Patience keep their phone book. She’d already emailed the friends and relatives who are “on email”, but had to find phone numbers to call the others (she hadn’t brought her paper address book with her to Kitchener). Of course, I hadn’t a clue where their phone book might be (haven’t touched one in years), so I pointed to their MacBook. I mean… where else would you look up information?

And then Mom surprised me by saying, “Oh, Canada 411?” Uhh, yeah. She knows about that site… but still asked where the phone book is? 🙂

So then we looked up all the numbers and she wrote them down… in crayon on Cadence’s big book of drawing paper. Heh. Can’t stay high tech all the time…

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