Hmm… what else can I make them do?

So the other day, thanks to Violet, I was unexpectedly made aware of the presence of Tim Tams at the local Sobeys. So I promptly bought many, many, many packages.

I happened to be in Guelph yesterday, and so brought several packages (one of each available – dark chocolate, regular milk chocolate, and chewy caramel) to my charming friends at

Being adventurous types, they educated themselves about the Tim Tam slam, which is, without question, the wonderfulest way to eat the Tim Tam.

This was the result.

For future reference, I did note that it’s a much easier process with a mug that’s as wide as you can get at the top, and if you have the mug sitting on the counter or table, rather than holding it.

Enjoy, Wellians! 🙂

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  1. Our Tim Tams supply is running dangerously low! I'll have to start scouring Guelph grocery stores now.

    But thanks again for introducing us to Tim Tams! We will probably never be the same.

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