No, really, did you?

Because I do. I know because at all three vet visits since I got Anatole, each vet (and I’ve seen three different ones) has felt compelled to tell me repeatedly that my cat? Is big.

Thing is, when I got him, he was just over 14lbs. That is not a big cat. That is a large-ish average size cat. Yes, he is quite tall and solidly built, but sorry, any cat under 20lbs, even if not fat, is not “big”.

Now? He is 15.97lbs. He is still comfortably within normal range for his size, you can find his ribs when you poke him, he has a clearly defined waist, all that good stuff. But he’s still not big.

Of course, the vet also said Anatole was good looking and has a puma face (umm, okay…), and proceeded to look at me a bit funny when I said the cat looks like a baboon. (What? Sherry can back me up on this. It’s his great schnozz.)

In any case, I guess it’s not of any great concern that he came home from the vet and promptly started eating. (Also, we saw a Chihuahua wearing a cone, which totally made my day. Hee!)

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