I dunno if it’s a fall thing, or just a thing that regularly comes around with me, but the last while I’ve been wanting a dog, and feeling more acutely that I don’t have one (and can’t, really, for the time being).

I have also particularly been missing Thumper (no, I didn’t name him). He was my boy, and our family’s last dog. And so, since I’ve been thinking of him, I put up my favourite picture of the two of us as my Twitter avatar. (Plus, look at my ridiculously long hair! And Haliburton dinner jacket! And kick ass Big Bird watch!)

Only problem is, people keep complimenting me on what a beautiful dog he is (thank you), and sometimes they ask about him. So then, in addition to answering the questions, I have to mention that he died a number of years ago. Then they feel bad, and I feel bad, and I think I should just change the picture.

But I’ve had some fun conversations with other dog lovers thanks to the picture, and I’m sure all the people who’ve asked have lost favourite pets, too, so I think I’ll leave it for now.

And if I ever find out where they breed 65lb springer spaniels with a passion for retrieving rocks, swimming in circles, and with a whine that sounds like a bird tweeting, I’m getting one, landlord be damned. 🙂

Thumper and Melle, Thanksgiving, 2000

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