Tales about town

So this morning I went walkabout to run some errands, and the cadets are out in force selling poppies. Zellers has two stationed at the front doors, and I passed one on my way out. As I was exiting, slinging my backpack over my shoulder, the cadet saw my hands were occupied, and so erupted into chivalry kung fu mode, pretty much drop-kicking the handicapped door-opener button on the wall for me. I started laughing almost too hard to thank him. (And didn’t even buy a poppy cuz I have two…)

In other news — pictures!

I saw this guy the morning after Hallowe’en. He made me smile. (Plus I bet he’s got some stories.)

Muskoka chair and stick horse

At the corner of Bridgeport and Peppler in Waterloo they’re demolishing three houses prior to a condo (sorry, “lofts”) development going up.

remains of Bridgeport house - bay window

Not surprisingly, every adult male who passed the site stopped to watch the work for a bit. And you could tell from the looks on their faces they were TOTALLY wishing they could drive the big yellow machines. (So was I…)

demolition - heavy equipment at work

Can’t say I regret that mauve leaving this world…

demolition - remains of interior wall

Those holes in the roof and walls are from firefighter practice prior to demolition beginning. (Vertical ventilation — lets the hot gases escape. I checked with Uncle JJ, who’s a firefighter.) Two of the three houses had such holes.

house to be demolished - results of firefighter practice

Not surprisingly, a van from one of the building materials reclamation places in town was parked there. 1000% mark-up on timbers and such should be just about right…

demolition - heavy equipment at work

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