It’s an honour just to be nominated…

So I have been nominated as one of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media.

I barely qualify, but it was nice of Tamera to add me to the nominations. I know some of the other ladies on the list, and they’re all very cool and very smart. (I could totally take some of them in arm wrestling, and maybe even Trivial Pursuit…)

Also thinkin’ I need a less bitchy looking picture on our company About page. Heh.

Oh, and yes, I am on the list, and yes, the company I work for is providing some of the analysis, but fear not! I didn’t do the engagement processing! That was done by one of our co-ops, so it’s all on the up and up. 🙂

4 Replies to “It’s an honour just to be nominated…”

  1. Congrats! And I know exactly how you feel, though I definitely don't think you can beat me at Trivial Pursuit. Certainly not the '90s edition.

    BTW-Love the blog!!

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