Happy Election Day, America

Alright, folks, this is the day you’ve been heading towards for a bloody long time now. We’re all sick to death of the coverage and spin and ever-squealing cogs of the political machines. Doesn’t matter now. Get out there. Make it count. VOTE.

Good luck.

I’ll just be up here in Canada crossing my fingers and holding my breath and hoping my wee bit of internationally observing hope.

I don’t want to cringe when your president opens his mouth anymore. I don’t want to pity a country that’s hated in a lot of the world even when none of the Americans I know deserve it. I want all of my friends to be equal, to be able to earn a living, and to be able to raise their kids in a great place.

And yeah, I know I don’t live there. I know my little internet vote meant squat. But for what it’s worth, my hope is this colour.

Obama logo

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  1. I have not been able to find a single person here in Canada that is rooting for McCain. I think this is likely true of any country in the world. I still have trouble understanding how Obama’s lead is only about 8 points among the people who can actually vote there.

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