Golden Fish & Chips

Good fish ‘n’ chips are one of those things I’m not sure where to get in this town. (Also, awesome Thai food. *sigh*)

However, Golden Fish & Chips has opened in the plaza at Weber and Bridgeport here in Waterloo (between Sobeys and Moores), and this pleases me.

Yeah, it’s in a strip plaza, yeah, the sign ain’t anything fancy. The food, however, speaks for itself. Andrew’s now had both takeout and eat-in there, and I have eaten in.

The place is clean, roomy, and there’s a takeout lane from the front door to the back counter, which seems to please Andrew greatly. The service was fast and neither hover-y nor absent.

The fish was generous, meaty, and a good cut. The batter was thin, crisp, and not greasy. The fries were real potatoes, with skins, crisp, and not overly salted. What more could a girl ask for? Nom. (You get coleslaw and tartar sauce, too, of course.)

They have several kinds of fish and other seafoods on the menu, and for healthier fare do baked fish (with a crumb crust, I believe) and salad and whatnot. (Kinda curious to try the baked fish. And the shrimps.)

Dinner for Andrew and I, with beers, was a bit over $30. Yes, you will find cheaper fish ‘n’ chips in town, but will you really want to eat it?

I am pleased that the place is within walking distance of home, and will go again. (I already sent the work guys for lunch the other day.) You should, too. Because if they go out of business and I no longer know where to get good fish ‘n’ chips I will be very grouchy.

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  1. I've gone to Joey's several months ago, but I'll try this eatery that you speak of. Thanks for the recommendation.

    But as me gran' says: “if it doesn't come wrapped in newspaper, it's not a proper bit of fish.”

  2. sockmonkey not sure if you have heard of a place called birchington in kent, but it has to be said that the poor place where i live ( birch ) has out of 5 places calling themselves f+c shops not one good chip !

    a digrace it is, i have to make my own, probably best really as upon tasting any of the f+c shops here made me feel like never eating one ever again

    avoid if ever this way

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