A plotty one, as Andrew would say

Quantum of Solace isn’t the best Bond movie, not by a long shot. It had neither the excitement nor the nom-ability of Casino Royale. Of course, if you’ve been anywhere near the internets for the last 24 hours or so, you already know that.

Of course, it doesn’t matter. It’s Bond. Daniel Craig could sit in a chair (in a tux, sipping a Vesper, natch) reading his grocery list and we’d all flock to the theatres. I know this because I bought tickets this morning for the 4:10 showing this afternoon, and while waiting in line to get them from the kiosk, heard the announcement over the loudspeaker that the 3:30, 4:10, 6:40 and 7:10 showings were all sold out.

Really, what constituted QoS would have made a nice sub-plot in a bigger film, and things were really weak with the ladies. “Agent Fields” was a complete waste of time (except, perhaps, for the homage she starred in — won’t give it away), and Ms. Kurylenko… well, one presumes what they didn’t spend on blowing things up was spent on bronzer for her. Also, her accent — wtf?

However, despite there being precious little car, gadget, and nekkid Craig goodness, it was a Bond film, and so a pretty and mindless good time. And let’s face it, I’d pay $9.95 to stare at Craig’s eyes pretty much any day. đŸ™‚

3 Replies to “A plotty one, as Andrew would say”

  1. Worth the $9.95, OK… but the extra $50 for the babysitter: worth it, or wait until we get free babysitting from my parents in three weeks?

  2. oh my god love. bond.
    agree with you though – a little bit disappointed in that the plot…kinda sucked.
    also, theme song? did you also want to plug your ears? cus i thought mine we’re going to start bleeding.

    i would probably pay $20 to stare at craig. maybe more. and he should have been naked way more often.
    confession – slightly disappointed about the lack of it.

  3. The theme song started alright, but I think would have been better had they just left it to one artist or the other. Apparently Jack and Alicia didn’t get along very well, either.

    Re. nudity — slightly disappointed? It’s not like they didn’t know how big a selling point THAT is. đŸ™‚

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