One thing I’d kinda forgotten about, being away from the tech biz for a while, is that there are cool perks from time to time. And such is the nature of the community that even if it’s not your company that’s dishing out the perks, there’s a good chance you know someone who knows someone, and you can get in on the action.

Being able to get Penn & Teller tickets for tonight at Centre in the Square is one of those perks.

Sherry and I had not seen them before, so we were jazzed about going. Andrew has seen them before, in Vegas, so he was jazzed about going. As added bonus fun, I saw my friend Johnny, who I tend to randomly run into about once a year.

The show was very cool. Simple in its way, and with a great deal of organization and experience in its way, too, to make it look simple. And, best of all, showmanship. Penn has a spiel about the old carnivals and freak shows and such, and it’s quite obvious that their work is an homage to classic magic, classic wonder, and a sort of community of folks who non-verbally agree to be in on it.

He noted how there were people in every audience who don’t get it, who can’t or won’t see the art and who insist on Knowing. Knowing allows them to relax, to feel superior. Ironically, they’re usually wrong. But for the folks who accept and embrace Mystery, it’s a great time.

I’m all over the Mystery. Hell, the only question mark I still have is how the hell they got them out of Vegas to Kitchener. I don’t really care, of course, though there are certain strings whose pulling I like to understand.

My favourite trick was the rose, I think, that Teller performed. Very elegant, very visually simple. I won’t say more. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to see it, or have seen it.

Thinkin’ now I’ve gotta go to Vegas to see their real show, though. The combination of a longer show, more sets and props, a smaller venue, and home field advantage makes me think good things.

Besides, Andrew still wants his sockmonkey autographed. 🙂

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