Multicolr – from Idée‘s Lab. Be warned: you will be unable to stop playing with this. SO PRETTY.

Upside down wiener dog. Heh.

A good post about racism.

For my peeps who enjoy a Canadian accent: Melle, YouTube star! (They won’t be terribly interesting to you unless you want to learn how to use our new site. Which you should. At one point I recorded a most egregious “aboot”, but am not sure where now. Might even have gotten edited out.)

Go Behind Interesting – Series of delightful videos for those who’re fans of Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign. And who isn’t? 🙂

Jared Diamond’s TED presentation on why societies collapse – Interesting stuff, plus he has the most awesome accent.

And not exactly internet-centric, but nevertheless worth a look: Waterloo Potters’ Workshop Fall Sale – Amazing wares, great holiday gifts, guaranteed to be thronged. (Recommend going as early as possible any day, and Friday at lunch overall.) Note the venue change to RIM Park this time around.

Should have a teeny bit more spare time now, thanks to a few things being checked off the calendar, so hoping to get back to posting more. Planning to do NaBloPoMo again to force that. Need to upgrade WordPress and fix the mess I made last time, too…

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