Assorted things

We are home.

It was a good trip. Saw many wonderful things. Met cool folks. Ate obscenely well. Didn’t drink a single bad beer.

Climbed a mountain, more or less. That was dumb.

Will get a travelogue and pictures up as soon as I can.

In the mean time…

Canadian Do Not Call List (Anyone else see the pitiful irony of putting BELL in charge of creating a DNC list?)

Also, for those groups NOT included in the national registry, there’s iOptOut to help get a bit more of your privacy back.

Rockton World’s Fair is on this weekend. I highly recommend it. Rural good fun. And novelty fowl. 🙂

My dear former co-worker, The Sheriff, sent me this picture last evening. It amuses me to no end. I labelled that stapler some time in 2000.

Melle's stapler

(Yes, the “I believe you have my stapler” joke was made. Repeatedly.)

Fall has arrived. I am getting the itch to bake with pumpkin… when I am not so damned tired…

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