Admittedly, a somewhat anomalous provenance for a community manager…

So remember how I went to San Francisco the other fall and ended up in the Homeland Security database?

Right, so, I’ve been subjected to secondary screening every time I’ve crossed the border with our neighbours to the south since (though never denied, thankfully). However, no one’s ever been willing to tell me anything about why.

Until this trip!

We got pulled over at the Washington border (apologies to Andrew, though I warned him…) after being asked if this was my natural hair colour and if I’d ever been in trouble with the law. (Not quite, and no.) I was also asked if there was a protection order against me. Also no (especially since I’m not sure what that is).

After a repeat of the questions and 10 or 15 minutes of typing and frowning at his monitor, the Homeland Security dude beckoned us back up and asked if I’d like to know why I’m flagged. Umm, yeah? Apparently it’s because the RCMP has a protection order filed against “me”. Alrighty then.

If I was that much of a menace, wouldn’t they… y’know… tell me? Were they just that afraid of invoking my wrath? The joys of not being as awesome as someone like my daughter and being the only one with my name in North America…

The nice man also informed me that my NEXUS interview (presuming it passes successfully) won’t help. Not as long as the order’s on file. Lovely. Still going to get the NEXUS clearance, since it’s paid for, and I have hope, and it’s not like I figure I’ve got a lot of privacy left anyway.

Right, soooo… any chance that when I call up the RCMP, Paul Gross will answer? 🙂

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