There was a bad reflection from the glass in this one, since it’s through a store window on a sunny day, but given that the outfit in question actually stopped me in my tracks, I had to get a picture.

red sweater with pink blouse

Srsly, are they joking? Cuz that, ladies and gents, is a tomato red, scoop neck sweater with half-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, paired with a fuchsia, horsie-printed blouse with poofy, full-length sleeves and extra long neck bow/ribbon ties.

I mean, I enjoy a little crazy in the big fashion capitals of the world, but this was in a store window in uptown Waterloo.

This “survey” showed up on the page following a form submission I did online this week. A weird enough word choice/typo. Though really, if you’re going to screw up the letters, why not throw another R in there and make things really interesting. And deterring. 🙂

banded web survey

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