Movie watching

Let’s see…

Saw Dark Knight a second time with Sherry. Still excellent. Pondering whether the Riddler or the Penguin would be preferable for the next villain. (Andrew favours the latter; Sherry the former.)

Finally got around to watching Lars and the Real Girl the other night. What a wonderful movie. Sweet, quiet, funny, poignant, quirky. Big kudos to Ryan Gosling. (Though seriously dude, no more mustaches, please.) Plus, who doesn’t love small town characters? I totally want to be Mrs. Gruner when I grow up. And the sweaters! 🙂

Dan and I went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor the other night. No, we weren’t expecting it to be good. We went for the CGI creatures! And we were not disappointed. Delightful cheese, sweeping vistas, plots holes that pretty much literally had trucks driven through them… good times. And seriously? The Yeti alone are worth the price of admission. Score! (Teehee.) Though they should have given Michelle Yeoh a chance to kick more ass. And there are some issues inherent in the definition of “kill” when you’re pitting two armies of the reanimated (and dessicated) dead against each other. I’m just sayin’…

Andrew’s cousin gave him Soylent Green for his birthday, so we watched that last night. I’d never seen it (though I did know what The Secret was). Not a bad movie, though certainly Heston-y. And fake blood in the 70s was really bad. We were pondering how watching the film would have been different NOT knowing the ending, but then afterward we watched the original trailer, and… cripes, if you couldn’t figure it out from THAT… We could have just watched that and saved ourselves two hours.

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