iLoveRewards closes $4.7million Series A

In the case of iLoveRewards, employees of a company can earn points for things like good attendance, hitting sales targets or customer satisfaction. As these points build up, the employee can redeem them through iLoveRewards.

Dagnabbit. In MY day, your “reward” for good attendance, hitting sales targets, and customer satisfaction was getting to keep your job.

Apparently the scourge of “entitlement” means that the corporate world has now become a friggin’ daycare.

5 Comments on Get off my lawn!

  1. I have no problem with fun perks. Hell, I’ve worked in too many insurance companies NOT to appreciate companies that value a good time.

    But companies are there to be in business, which requires work, so expecting the perks without doing work? Umm, no. ๐Ÿ™‚

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