…and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Had lunch with the work guys last week, and we got into a discussion about jobs, co-op placements, how interviewing works these days, especially with devs, etc. And pretty much from the get go there was a gap apparent. Age? Experience? Demographic? Job type? Maybe a bit of all of those. (For the record I’m between 8 and 15 years older than the guys who were there.)

I’d made some comment relating to the realities of working at a job you don’t like, and one of the guys utterly failed to grok the concept. Now, there are plenty of explanatory points about where his view comes from — parents who don’t do the corporate grind, still in uni, limited corporate experience, not necessarily responsible for his own rent/car payments/clothing/food/etc. But I found the perspective fascinating.

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Dear Kitchener homeowner…

While I applaud your efforts in the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” vein, I am not entirely sure that a giant, dirt-caked stump lugged to the end of your driveway exactly constitutes “FREE FIREWOOD”.

Just sayin’.


Even if the dude is the nicest man alive, and he’s just whistling because he’s in a fabulous mood, hearing an unseen man whistling while coming down behind you while you’re descending the stairwell of a parking garage is just automatically creepy.

All the balls in the air

August and everything after is the name of an old Counting Crows album, I believe. That phrase has been in my head for a while now. Partly due to things that happened as this month began, partly due to things I knew were coming.

Lordy, it’s busy.

This week Andrew is away, so I am more or less managing two households, one with dogs, one with a cat and some fish. Plus… no Andrew, so things feel rather lopsided.

So far everyone is alive. When the real estate agent called me to let me know there was another walk-through scheduled for this afternoon, however, I warned him that he really did NOT want to include my apartment this week. I am hoping to do the dishes and put the garbage out on Friday evening… Oh, and at present the living room rug looks like it’s made of cats. Whatever, no one lives there right now… And in the mean time, Anatole can snack on the fruit flies if he gets hungry. 🙂

Doesn’t help that all this week I’ve had errands to run at lunch time, in addition to having to let the dogs out and whatnot. However, slowly but surely the list I made for myself on Sunday is getting checked off, and I’ve now made arrangements for the weekend, so I don’t have to worry about the dogs after Friday afternoon. (Andrew’s parents are on weekend dog duty.) It was easier

Of course, as of CoB Friday I get to go into wedding mode and get myself organized to head down to Toronto with Sherry for Helen’s wedding. It’s freakish how much girl prep I’ve had to do in the weeks leading up to this wedding. New dress, shoes, Spanx, corrective foundation, bronzer (!), and a special bra built for very low cut garments that is some scary wonder of engineering. (My boobs, let me show you them…) Ironically, there’s less involved for the wedding I’m actually IN. (Well, in the end there won’t be, but other people will be doing more of the work.)

The wedding is at 11am on Saturday, so we’ll have to hop to it, but we get to see the girls, and dance, and we’re staying somewhere fancy (yay for online deals!), so I’m looking forward to having a hint of princess in my existence. And I am SO not driving to and from the reception. 🙂

I had a weird moment this evening when my brother asked me what my plans next weekend are. I realized… I didn’t have any. Glory be! And a long weekend, even. This is a shocker because next weekend is… The Gateway to September. September which starts with Other Sherry’s wedding (which I’m in), and which doesn’t have a single free weekend (they were all booked up ages ago). Seriously, I’m going to wake up and go… It’s Thanksgiving? (And even this weekend there were three other sets of festivities I had to turn down this weekend, including being at a conference and my niece’s first birthday party…)

Oh, and Andrew and I are planning a week’s vacation in October, so get to plan that at some point, too… Hrm. Maybe someone could just volunteer to vacuum my living room for me…? Pretty please?

Happy Birthday, Miss Princess!

Happy Birthday to Cadence, who is one year old today! (Srsly, how’d that happen???)

Since August 20th, 2007, she has gone from this:

Cadence at birth

to this:

Cadence on a slide

And last week on Uncle JJ’s birthday she started walking by herself. (Mercy…)

Here’s to a year of big adventures, and to many, many more! 🙂


This is a picture I did not take of an elderly man in a reflective vest, expression indicating he was a million miles (and, perhaps, years) away, pushing a broom and dust pan along King Street, while smoking a corn cob pipe.