Things have been really busy at work. Since I started, a lot of the work we’ve been doing has been behind the scenes, so not so many dramatic releases to the public with suitable fanfare. La-dee-dah, etc.

Yesterday that changed. We launched a whole bunch of stuff, all public, and accompanied it with the aforementioned fanfare.

It was pretty cool. Lots of kudos and best wishes, got to watch our stats spike after the TechCrunch coverage went up, and my name was on the front page of Techmeme — in TWO places — in the afternoon. Geeky excitement for all!

And our CEO brought pastries from Sabletine. Nom nom nom.

Oh, and I’m now starring (narrating, anyway) in my first YouTube video. I never thought my first appearance on YouTube would be nearly so classy. 🙂

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  1. @Bill – Yup, gives the video context, and marketing value, since that’s where I work. 🙂

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