Years ago, when I lived in Sydney, one of my housemates and friends was a gent named Mark. Mark was veryveryvery good at video games, and thanks to his prowess at running around, dodging attacks, and killing his friends or random d00dz, his handle was “Weaver” (cuz he could weave around enemies and through maps — get it?)

Which, if you have seen Wanted, will allow you to understand how that movie is completely plausible and should not result in wildly entertained snorting and guffawing in the theatre at all.

Also? Dear Morgan Freeman: please do not every say the word “motherfucker” again. Every time you do, Samuel L Jackson’s head explodes.

Thank you. That is all. 🙂

PS. The preview of Death Race alone was worth the price of admission. Best. Unseen. Movie. EVAR.

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