I was talking to a friend this morning who has just bought a house. In celebration of the new space, and because he has 97 children (give or take…) he was asking if I knew where a person would procure a barnboard dining table (i.e. big, and likely expandable).

So I asked the M&Ms, who, of course, are connected out the wazoo, and are rather closer to the people and knowledge of where to find such things than I am.

Mom called me a little later and started telling me about what they found out. Long story short they knew where a person could get both the lumber and get the table made. I stopped her and asked if she could just email me the contact info and other deets, since otherwise I’d have to type it all up and send it to my friend, anyway.

She quickly pointed out, however, that she couldn’t send me phone numbers for the artisans… because these people don’t have phones.

Fair enough. 🙂

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  1. That’s so cute. Mennonites are so cool. I miss seeing the occasional horse and buggy in the streets of Waterloo (because I’m no longer in Waterloo, not because there are no more horses and buggies roaming the streets…please tell me there are still horses and buggies roaming the streets!)

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