But wine isn’t, blessedly. 🙂

Had my allergy testing appointment today. My suspicions were mold, possibly dust, maybe cats, and some question marks around lactose and alcohol. (The former being an issue my whole life, the latter causing weird red/hot/itchy/slightly puff face for the last year or so.)

As it turns out, I’m not allergic to any foodstuffs. Amen. I am, however, allergic to trees and grass. You know, despite the fact that my allergic reactions occur pretty much 100% indoors, and when Andrew and I walk the dogs I’m fine, but the freshly mowed lawns and pollinating trees have HIM snuffling like a truffle pig. Which explains why the reactions kicked in in early March, when there was still — what — 97 feet of snow on the ground?

As for the guinea pigs, yeah, I’m allergic to them, too. Which I find fairly hysterically funny. I mean… guinea pigs? Could there be a more innocuous animal? I am allergic to Anatole, too, which is why he’s currently passed out across my lap. (Clearly anaphylaxis will be kicking in any minute…) I am not allergic to Barney, Gordie, or the Humane Society riffraff of my past. The Baby Jesus loves me. It would be entirely wrong for me to be allergic to dogs.

Re. my weird reaction to booze, allergist thinks it’s just a heightened experience of vasodilation, which a lot of people get when they drink (i.e. red cheeks). Think of any Irish friend you have. (Hi, Helen!) Nothing really to get too worked up about, and I have the EpiPen in case it turns bad. Lactose just remains a suspicion, as does gluten, to a degree. (Again, nothing so bad as to go all diet revamp crazy.)

I could have signed up for allergy shots once a week for nine weeks every year for four years, beginning next January, but neither the allergist nor I really thought my symptoms bad enough to be worth it. And I can always go back if they get worse. For the time being… I guess just watch out for guinea pigs. (And, to a lesser degree, their known associate the hamster.)

They lurk, you know… where you least expect it… 🙂

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  1. This post made me remember, I had the same weird reaction to warm saki once. Bright red nose and cheeks and swelling, hasn’t happened to me – yet – with any other booze. I simply stopped drinking warm saki.

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