Friends and Family Fotos

My 10-month-old niece has been introduced to motorcycles. My brother owns two, plus a dirt bike, and she’s gotten to check out all three. To date my brother has not been allowed to strap her into the Snuggli thingo and take her for a ride. The time is coming…

Here she is with the uncle JJ and the Triumph, which, admittedly, is a pretty cool bike. (Though I liked it better when it was painted this sort of iridescent lime colour.)

Cadence on the Triumph

Cadence on the Triumph

This was Miss Princess’ first Canada Day, so needless to say she was attired accordingly. I love this picture, but it kinda bugs me, too, because she doesn’t look like a baby; she looks like a toddler. Quit it!

She has now been introduced to swings, too. After some getting used to, she’s a big fan.

Cadence on a slide at the park

Sherry and I went for a major walkabout yesterday – across Union to the Iron Horse Trail, down the trail to Victoria, stopped for lunch at City Cafe bakery (chicken, pesto, roasted red pepper pizzas, a pecan butter tart for her and a date and oatmeal square for me – nom nom nom), then a circuit around Victoria Park, back up the trail to Waterloo, slight detour to the library, and back down Bridgeport to our respective homes. And then… nappage!

Here are some ducklings at the park.

ducklings at Victoria Park

Last night was a UFC night, so a few of us gathered at Chad and Patience’s place, as usual. Andrew kindly loaned the Wii to the proceedings, even though he couldn’t make it, so prior to the homoerotic beat-downs there was rocking out. Amusingly, my brother was not able to repeat his first-time virtuoso performance, and even sucked for a bit before finding his inner rocker again. Thoroughly frustrating for him, thoroughly entertaining for us.

Chad playing Guitar Hero

Dan arrived before me, and when I got there everyone was quite comfy out on the balcony. Dan had clearly made himself at home. I have no idea who those pink, fuzzy slippers belong to, but I’ve only ever seen dudes wearing them, which is delightful.

Dan and the pink, fuzzy slippers

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  1. Awww she does look grown up! You like UFC too huh? Were you rooting for Forrest or Rampage? I like them both but kinda thought Rampage would win. Looks good on Forrest though.

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