Andrew and I went mountain biking on Sunday morning. Gorgeous weather, mostly dried out since the rain on Saturday. Went to the Hydrocut — never been before. Good fun. Only my second time out biking this season, and last time was the trail behind the Humane Society (which, while it has plenty of ups, downs, and bends, is wide and graveled and such).

Here are my legs after taking my socks and shoes off:

muddy legs

Here are my shoes and socks. The sock on the right gives probably the most accurate depiction of my state of cleanliness…

muddy socks and shoes

Oh, and I had some mishaps. Here’s my right thigh, thanks to a sudden introduction to a root:

bruised leg

(Size-wise, that mess is about the size of my fist, and the redder middle part is a large scrape.)

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