Swan-shaped lobster leftovers FTW!

This evening Dan and I dined at Bhima’s. It was a combination birthday/job celebration and… some reason from a year ago that we forgot about. He’d never been before, so it was an easy choice.

I had the best meal there tonight that I’ve had in the three or four times I’ve been, and Dan is now firmly a fan. Now he wants to go back just so he can eat all the things he couldn’t eat tonight. Always a good sign in a restaurant…

Intrepid adventurer that I’ve become, tonight I ate… a frog leg! Dan had them as an appetizer. Delicious (though I think that can better be attributed to the garlic and lemongrass in the sauce than the leg itself, which was fairly mildly flavoured, and really like a small chicken wing). My appetizer was soft shell crabs, to which they did… all kinds of things, including battering and frying them in tempura, which somewhere gave them a certain street food quality, but in a good way. Since we weren’t eating anything real meaty we got a Niagara pinot noir, which acquitted itself quite well, really. Wow, did that last sentence ever make me sound like a douchebag. 🙂

I had lobster as the main course — shelled and all — and I can’t remember the last time I had lobster. It was wonderful. Had crispy noodles and lots of veggies and a peanut-based sauce. (Duck is back on the menu, and I had to grin when I saw confit mentioned. Shit, didn’t I leave France to get away from the duck?) Dan had what was basically an Indonesian bouillabaisse with grilled shimp (to die for — I traded one for some lobster), scallops, mussels, etc. I couldn’t finish my dinner, so I got the rest wrapped up. Can’t say as I’ve ever had lobster in my fridge before, especially as leftovers wrapped in a swan-shaped twist of tinfoil.

The secret weapon of awesome, however, arrived in the form of a request from the server when she dropped by shortly after we started eating to ask how things were, if we’d like any hot sauce, etc. Dan, of course, has never met a hot sauce he didn’t like, and so off she went to get some. Except it wasn’t some bottle of pre-made stuff. A few minutes later she brought a bowl of just-made something-something, which was basically like an Indonesian salsa. AMAZING. Definitely fresh garlic and a nice vinegary-acidic component, but I couldn’t tell what was all in there. So complex, so nom. The server said she’s been trying to get them to bottle it. No kidding.

Dessert was ice cream (more of a sorbet…), which was just right with the heat, and coffee in mugs that we agreed were rather sinister. We managed to drink our coffee and depart unscathed, however.

I have been far too lucky, drinking good wine, eating wonderful food, and enjoying the best company in the world lately.

Which is good, since tomorrow night I have to go to Mandarin… 🙂

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