Sherry and I were up at the library the other day. Needless to say we had a good chuckle at this, but I’m still wondering — are they sorting authors by surname or physical description?

I also learned something very interesting the other day. Along Father David Bauer Drive in Waterloo, between Erb and Westmount, they installed these rather odd perforated steel benches last fall. There were three, all different. I just thought they were someone’s idea of cutting edge urban design.

Well, they are, and they’re really not.

covering bench

I finally stopped and read the plaque inside this bench. (It’s called “Choice”, btw.) The benches are representations of three different Mennonite coverings (what women wear on their heads in the more traditional sects). And, of course, the moment I read that, I had a head-slapping “DUH!” moment of recognition.

Some members of my extended family do wear them, but not so much the one in the picture above. More like the one across from the Rec Centre, which looks a lot like a satellite dish. Mom has one, though I’m not sure her hair’s long enough to even be able to pin it on.

Certainly a unique idea. And so very Waterloo that there’s a bench, in steel, rendered to look like a Mennonite covering, a stone’s throw from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. 🙂

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