So pretty much every day at noon (at least the days when I leave the building), and for the length of the lunch hour, a UPS truck and a black Santa Fe park on one of the back streets near work. The UPS driver is a man; the Santa Fe driver is a woman.

Sometimes I see the vehicles arrive, sometimes not. Sometimes I see the people, sometimes not. I did see them the other week when the weather was glorious, and the woman was a) young, and b) wearing a skirt much too short for her to have been sitting with her feet propped up on the truck’s dashboard.

Today, as I was returning to the office from errand-running, I was walking towards the truck and saw the door to the back cargo area slide open a few inches. Then close again very quickly, presumably when whoever was looking out saw me. Heh.

The other day when I was walking past, I didn’t see anyone in either vehicle. However, when I passed the truck, I heard of bit of a banging, thumping ruckus coming from the back. (The van was not, however, a’rockin’.) 🙂

Now, these occurrences could be thoroughly legit. I am, of course, not inclined to think that way. More likely I’ve stumbled across Waterloo’s version of the Economical Insurance Trailway parking lot out on Riverbend Drive, if ya know what I mean… (And I think you do.)

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