A slight change

A little over a year ago, I posted a big, long snark about “ambient intimacy”. I wasn’t using Twitter then, either, though I’d tried it and abandoned it.

As you know, now I am using the app, and do get it, though of course creating value with it for myself is a work in progress. (Unless you want to be the person who follows everyone, it takes a while to figure out what your exact intent and niche will be.)

However, the other week one of my contacts twittered requesting rants, so I sent him that one. Which is why its inclusion in A Business Case for Twitter amuses me to no end.

I get to be immortalized as a cranky ol’ naysayer, even though I’m now swilling punch at the party. 🙂

That’s okay, soon my inclusion in that piece will become considerably more ironic. Stay tuned…

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